Staff training updates

Please see below for the training that staff have completed recently.

If you would like to see all our previous training certificates, they are on the board above the children's trays in the playroom. 

Staff training completed recently:

Becoming a key person in an early years setting (Cloe) 09/19

Fire Warden training (Cloe) 09/19

Child Protection: Basic Awareness (Cloe) 09/19

The importance of self-evaluation (Helen) 10/19

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety (Helen) 09/19

Improving Children's Learning Through Play (Helen) 08/19
Supporting Children with SEND in the Early Years Lv 2 (Kirsty) 08/19

Reflective Practice in the Early Years Lv 2 (Kirsty) 08/19

Effective Safeguarding Practice Lv 2 (Kirsty) 08/19

SEND Code of Practice Lv 2 (Kirsty (08/19)
Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety (Kirsty) 08/19

Planning in the Moment (Kirsty) 09/19

Five to Thrive in Practice (Kirsty) 10/19

Introductory Training on Helicopter Stories (Helen & Jo) 12/19
Effective Use of the EYPP Lv 2 (Jo) 08/19

Cultural Capital (Jo) 10/19